Dirtier than a toilet: your keyboard. What a great story!

keyboard.jpgWhich? has got so much coverage with what is some ways a non-story.

It swabbed 33 keyboards and found that they harboured a lot of germs, in some cases posing a health risk.

In some cases the keyboard was dirtier than the toilet.  It could be that the lav had just been washed and the keyboard tested had been used by someone using another toilet and did not wash their hands before typing at their keyboard.

However you look at it, it is  a good hook and persepctive about something many of us can should be able to relate to or consider.

But the story is not new, it has been there since people start using typewriters and keyboards.  It has just been picked up and well presented.

Whoever came up with it deserves their retainer this month.

If you are afraid and want to tackle the bio hazard that would have justified a war with Saddam Hussein try Lifehackers blog for advice and links.

Thanks to Lifehackers for the image of their health hazard.