Guardian full page interview for Ashley Hoyle – measuring PR value

Jane Pye from Ashley Hoyle
Ashley Hoyle’s Jane Pye full page in The Guardian will help give further credibility to her abilities whenever she comes up in a Google search

On Saturday I secured an in-depth interview for Jane Pye from headhunting and executive recruitment practice Ashley Hoyle.

But the perennial PR question that comes up is: “What is the value of such coverage?”

The Guardian boasts:

  • A circulation of near 350,000
  • A readership of 1.2m
  • A very high percentage of ABC1s

Advertising rates hover around the £50 per square cm, but can go as high as £90.

I would assume that to advertise on a full page is about £20,000 – £25,000.

Then as a PR I could argue that editorial is much more valuable than advertising, so times by….usually multiplied by a ratio of 3-10 to give a truer picture.

And then there is the high Google ranking and the kudos of being in The Guardian, did it help develop rapport or credibility in a pitch or sales call witha client or candidate?

There are further benefits to be measured: link value (from as well as to the piece), extra material for LinkedIn contacts and groups and Twitter and other social media.

And then there is the bottom line question: “Did the client get any inquiries or did it make there job easier when approaching a candidate?”

Then, when I pitch, show my work and get asked, after a “very impressive” response:  “What was the benefit to the client?”  I can answer: by what measure do you prefer?

Thanks to Leo Benedictus for a great article though – intelligent and witty.