Who’s parked their tank on my lawn? A brilliant PR stunt and it is for the smaller budget

brilliant PR stunt
What a brilliant PR stunt, showing how creativity can triumph over budget

What a brilliant PR stunt.

A pub, probably with few stories to tell, suddenly has a “discarded” tank in its car park and some handy coverage in the local paper.  No-one knows whose tank it is, why it was left there; it is a good talking point: get a pint, have your photo on the tank – some useful revenue.

Actually there is only one “enthusiast” that has tanks in the area.  It is not a big mystery Poirot.  And you hardly forget where you park your tank; I have a silver Honda and in a big car park it can be hard to see, not so with camouflaged military hardware.

I just think this is quite a good example of how to create a story from nothing – a little bit of creativity, perhaps nothing special, but perhaps a lesson for us PR professionals.