Go South if you are in PR – the PR jobs divide still remains

PR jobs
The PR jobs divide between the North and South is still strong and is likely to remain so

If you take a look at PR jobs listings in the UK you could be forgiven for thinking that if you want the best chance of reaching your career potential in the industry you have to be in the South East.

This is not to say that high quality PR professionals cannot be found north of the Watford Gap. And indeed, the public relations offering from provincial PR agencies can often be of better standard and value than simply selecting the default London or home counties PR option.

Take a look at the roles in PR Week, on the Chartered Institute of Public Relations website or an other jobsite and it is hard not to take away the impression that the quality and quantity of South East PR jobs opportunities exceeds those of the rest of the UK combined.

While some will say this is not an earth shattering discovery, the question is for those not wishing to take the PR shilling and venture south, can they have as fulfilling career (in general) as those pursuing their goals in the South East?

Please note the for tech PR and especially financial PR the industry is so embedded in the capital (and surrounding counties) as to make it hard not to spend some time learning and practicing those particular PR jobs there although it is not all impossible.

Will a London or home counties based PR during their careers outperform their northern counterparts simply because the centre of so many sectors still is centred in the same region, despite small shifts of power such as Media City coming north to Manchester?