PR starts with marketing or at least a strategy

At a recent client meeting about launching the organisation’s social media it was clear that a well-defined strategy was absent.

Plenty of issues, ideas and risks were mentioned in a haphazard way.  It became clear that without going through a planning process the social media would be disjointed, disorganised and perhaps disappointing.

Results, value, ROI are the recession buzzwords and so without a clear targeted strategy that encompasses the issues of the organisation (including being especially risk averse in this instance) it is likely that a successful programme will be compromised from the start.

It is all very well to skip any real planning and “get stuck in.”

Yes, time pressure is there and well as the pressure to drive results, but rushing in without going through a planning phase is a false economy.

But this planning strategy’s roots went deeper than social media.

There is a need for a clear general communications plan.

It is no good having social media guidelines, trained staff and objectives if the foundations are not there: what are we trying to communicate for the organisation and to what ends.

Social media is an offshoot of PR, and it is an offshoot of marketing.  It should serve the marketing needs of a business.  Yet, how often does it come into a campaign for SMEs?

(The organisation in question is more than a micro outfit, it is substantial to say the least).

So, in this case, the social media campaign looks to be beginning with the marketing planning, something that should be more common that perhaps it is in the PR industry.