PR and marketing roles are merging – part of a new trend?

PR Week has an interesting piece about the move from PR into broader marketing roles.

With particular reference to in-house, it says that high level PR roles are much reduced when compared to last year (40% reduction for Q3 year on year).

This is in part recession, in part possibly a change of business culture and the skills that PR professional can bring to broader amrekting roles.  Click on the above link to get a fuller picture.

Simon Sproule, Corporate vice-president, global marketing comms, Nissan make an interesting point that is worth pointing out:

“Many comms challenges no longer fit neatly into either a marketing or PR category. Every time we approach a product launch, comms should be approaching it with a 360- degree integrated approach and communal budget, rather than thinking which area [marketing or PR] needs it most.”

Could it be that PR and marketing roles are merging and that public relations professionals are aspiring to the Chief Marketing Officer roles?

Stats are still unconvincing but perhaps PR Week is onto something.