A warning from retail: I bought a laptop at PC World

PC World
Poetic licence – there is no evidence that Arthur Daley has or indeed will ever buy or sell anything from PC World

I bought from PC World, I really did.

Perhaps, in the back of mind I knew maybe I shouldn’t have, but I was naïve and foolish.

I spent a sizable amount on a new HP laptop; I mean what could possibly go wrong?

Anyway it was around March 2012 that I purchased a new HP laptop.  Things went wrong pretty quickly: after around three months it kept crashing.

I went in to my most conveniently placed store and described the problems.

As it kept going to a blue screen as it crashed it was most probably a hardware problem.

I stated that it could be repaired but I had a feeling that this was going to recur and if it did I wanted my money back or a credit note.  I did not want to continually come in and out of the store.  I mean it is a business tool after all.

It came back after a 2-3 weeks and you would think it would be fine – PC World mind, remember.  Alright, it has a chance of being fine.

Well, as I had thought it went again…I returned to the store.


PC World hires from the best legal brains

I asked for my money back under The Sale of Goods Act as the machine is unfit for purpose.

Now the act is ambiguous but you know what, those boys at PC World are wasted (career not drugs (during work hours)), they really are.

Not only do they know something about IT, they are also consumer lawyers.  I have a felling that they worked in law but you lose your job with the recession and then it’s the dole or PC World.  Desperation does that to you I guess.

I said that I had been reading legal websites and knew my rights.  But those legal eagles quipped straight back that it was all rubbish, as it was online.

I never got back to the Government to tell them its website was misleading the public.


 Customer Sevice is an Oxymoron – at least the last syllable is right

Anyway the laptop went away again, apparently PC World law means it has 3 chances to repair it and on the fourth we can talk refunds if under a year.

After taking to a brick wall (every time I really do see one I get flashbacks) I had no choice but to send it back to repair.

It arrived after a couple of weeks and I got a text to collect.

No, no that’s wrong I got a text but when I went in it wasn’t there.

Got another text some days later…and it was there.

The lesson there is never believe your texts.

When I asked what was wrong with it the staff called the legendary repair centre: no one answered.


Bear with me – it was harder for me to deal with than you reading

Still it was ready to go.

New hard drive although everything wiped and no MS office as no one could be bothered to re-install it.  And why should they, with their quality products and customer service they are busy bunnies?

(I am not going to go into all the customer service calls as it is as likely you will get an answer based in reality as Wenger seeing an Arsenal infringement).

And what now?  Well the battery is buggered – I am sure PC World legal technical gurus can tell me the correct term.

It is always on zero power when turning on, even if fully charged when turned off.

Called customer services and really great….we can collect your laptop and repair it but you know that policy of repair we don’t have to give you a credit note unless it is the same issue each time.

Yes, guaranteed way to win a new card game, you tell your opponent only some of the rules and when they win you reveal the new rule – and you win until you run out of new rules, and play another game.


Why should I expect a laptop that works?

So, here I am.

I need a laptop for a business journey in 12 days and the robot in customer services did not offer a free replacement for the duration of the repairs.

What is the point of PC World’s customer service?

Does it have a point?

Am I missing the point by believing that it could do something positive to enhance its image?

And how come PCW is still on the high street, biggest mystery since Everton beat the drop under Joe Royle in 1995.

And also how much time have I spent on this with PC World compared to actual use?

It is now 10 months of undiluted joy since I was on a space cadet frame of mind – maybe City won / maybe I had just booked a holiday – and I bought from PCW.

Anyway what to do next?

Any ideas?

Sorry if any mistakes in spelling or grammar, need a lie down after talking to PCW customer services.



Well after a year I have what I believe is an equitable result as far as could be expected: a credit note against a new laptop.

I have to give credit where credit is due customer service wise though.

PC World’s staff in Broadheath Altrincham are technically proficient, professional, helpful, diligent and friendly.  How it shares the same branding and is part of the same company as another retail outlet I first ventured into a year ago to buy a laptop I don’t know.

It has almost repaired a customer relationship I thought was beyond repair.

I have talked about customer service before – situations can be turned round.

I can look forward, I believe, to having a productive laptop with me from this week.