PR and marketing – why PR professional need to be proficient with marketing strategy

I was at a creative strategy talk a little while back where we would witness the creative process in its fine glory or so said the blurb.

An issue had been briefed to the members of the panel and they had an hour, maybe an hour and a half, to talk us through a solution to a puzzling and talked about topic of the day.

I went not to have the result but see how other creative and marketing professionals think.  A bit like mathematics, it is the working out, the process that is as important as the result.

However, we had a “pub” discussion.  It was all over the place although chaired and it wasn’t very coherent.  It was patchy to say the least.

Now the subject was given to the panel an hour before and so some had more industry knowledge than others.  But that is not really important.

What is important is how they come with a strategic plan and how they generate creative ideas.

It is sounds boring but having a structure is key.

Having a marketing planning structure is ideal.

It is the grammar in a language.  Without the grammar you perhaps could get the gist of a talk or piece of writing, you might not.  You need the structure to enable the vocabulary to make sense.

Marketing planning is the grammar of creative campaigns.

PR professionals should be marketers.  An understanding, no, being able to think in the mode of a marketing plan is very important.

PR professionals, creatives as well should have this skill as prerequisite as one of their core skills.

PR and marketing are not distantly or closely related cousins, they are part of the same family and should be known to each party.