Using PR for Search (some ideas from SEO moz video)

SEOmoz has some excellent Whiteboard Friday video classes on SEO and search topics.

This one in particular about using other people’s sites to boost your own business’ search ranking shows how using PR for search can prove to be very effective in combination with SEO.

While Rand Fishkin, the very engaging presenter and CEO of SEOmoz, does not really focus on PR it does show how it can be used effectively with search.  (Some SEO professionals don’t get PR or how it works although I am sure Rand does).

One thing Rand points out is when you get a piece in a magazine or newspaper’s website, or indeed on a blog, link to it.

The PR piece might not rank highly but by linking to it could be pushed up the search rankings.  This in turn gives greater visibility to your coverage.  This is excellent in brand improvement terms.

Content from PR, be it an article, presentation or release can be shared on a host of social media such as Slide Share, Quora or Google+.  All can give additional value to the PR content, something that you probably knew.

Without the PR professional the ability to harnesss other sites would be much harder.  The media outlet site’s would not be cultivated without the PR professional’s input.

There is a battle for control of social media (some say) between PR and search professionals, perhaps it is more about collaboration.

To go to Rand Fishkin’s video on using other people’s sites to boost your own site’s SEO click here