PR Case Studies

Simpson Burgess Nash – Tax Accountants

Artisan worked with Simpson Burgess Nash on its launch and was specifically instructed in getting an article in a magazine for medical professionals that resulted in a new client for the practice.

From this success – the launch featured prominently in the Manchester Evening News- Artisan was hired to do some more work.

The work for Simpson Burgess Nash centred around issues such as tax relief for R&D and capital allowance changes that gained significant coverage – 12 magazines published articles (usually 300-600 words) for capital allowance changes alone.

Work resulted from a piece in one of the care homes magazines that published the capital allowance article – Mark Simpson, the practice’s tax specialist was at a social event when a long-standing contact mentioned he had read the piece, hadn’t realised Mark offered such expertise, and could he help with a new care home he was launching.

Good timely PR coverage can significantly aid networking and bring to the attention of potential clients services that they often overlook.

(The following link is for another piece that resulted in a new client)

At times it was possible to be creative such as the tax implications of having a business in a virtual world such as Second Life, where transactions take place on property that only exists on the Internet.

This was used in four magazines, two of which are linked to here:

The amount of coverage is estimated from the first 10 days of work to have an advertising value of around £100,000 – a budget that was not available for marketing and PR.

“Rob is a master at getting your business into the media – TV, radio and print. His contacts book must be worth more than a penny black! He is diligent, full of creative ideas and has secured our firm tremendous publicity across a wide range of outlets.”

Mark Simpson tax saving director at accountancy practice Simpson Burgess Nash

Lane-Smith & Shindler, specialist private client wills, trust & probate solicitors

Swiss Lump Sum Tax – online and offline covered

Lane-Smith & Shindler had a Zurich based office and were keen to warn high networth individuals looking to move to Switzerland to take advantage of the Swiss Lump Sum Tax that they should be aware of the less generous tax regime that was coming in the following year.

While it was key to tell hard copy press, it was also key to dominate online searches.

Around the end of 2010 careful targeting of media ensured that anyone looking for information on the Swiss Lump Sum Tax on Google could not fail to notice that nearly half of the sites listed for the first two pages originated material from Law-Smith & Shindler.

Moreover the Lane-Smith & Shindler blog and Artisan blog ensured that a presence was maintained to complement the online wealth magazines.

Magazines such as Investor Today and Wealth Briefing ran the press releases online, the latter using an in-depth article with links to the Lane-Smith & Shindler blog to help ranking status.

Case study – This is another technique used to gain coverage for clients, it represents about a day’s work

Malcolm McLaren passed away leaving a contested will.  His son challenged the will on the basis of legal jurisdiction (it was drawn up in Switzerland) as well McLaren’s mental state and his failure to make “reasonable financial provision” for him under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975.

A small piece was spotted about this in The Times, a few short paragraphs that were easy to miss.  It was used then as a way to broach the subject, owing to its topicality, to journalists in the following newspapers and magazines:

Daily Mail

Expat Money Channel

Wealth Briefing for high networth individuals (you might need to register to view)

A Place in the Sun (companion title to popular TV series)  This is only in hard copy, so I have linked to the blog, which re-uses content to get most value out of it.

The value of these initiatives easily runs into thousands of pounds (for the advertising costs of gaining the coverage).  They are both about a day to a day and a half’s PR work.

The contract with Lane-Smith & Shindler came to an end owing to a merger with DWF and hence the in-house marketing department of DWF took over the PR.

The firm was very happy with the work and results and gave this testimonial:

“Rob has really helped our PR effort and clearly knows a lot of the right people in publishing. Unlike other firms we have used in the past he makes most of the running himself rather than expecting us to do the work.”

Paul Davies partner at Lane-Smith & Shindler

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