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Stop it – no to signing in to leave comments

I have been wallowing in the misery that is PRs writing about the recession.  Well, actually it is how to come through it from Rainier PR and another from one of their agency staff, Stephen Waddington.

I wanted to leave comments and found I had to sign in.  I couldn’t be bothered.  I have migrated to a new ISP and in the process my stored passwords were wiped.  I could look them up, but I really can’t steal myself to do this on a Sunday morning.

Lazy? Yes.  But why do some blogs and websites still insist on signing in?  If it takes any longer than necessary to leave a comment or it does not have a track back, you are going to lose the interaction that makes any blog or website vital.

Good Agency, which is poor; featuring Olivia Newton John

One inappropriately named PR agency (in this case) called The Good Agency annoyed the editorial team at How-Do with their epic release on Olivia Newton John saving a one day old cat in China.

As you might know How-Do is the North West portal for the creative industries.  So you might wonder what the relevance of Olivia Newton John and a cat on the Great Wall of China is to How-Do: none.

How-Do decided to name and shame the London agency for poor targeting.   The press release is fully of hyperbole including Olivia’s sleepless nights tending for said kitten called Magic.  This dross was accompanied by an e-mail clogging mega pixel image.

It is worth anybody’s time who needs a laugh (link above).

I could not find the Good Agency’s website because of a search of PR agencies there are a few that have good in their text, so they do not have a clue on online PR / marketing either.

Manchester’s most famous 11 PR agencies

After some PR lobbying (well not too much) from Nathan Smith of Smith and Smith PR I have added their agency to the list of candidates for Manchester’s most famous PR agency.  It is now Manchester’s most famous 11 PR agencies.

Smith and Smith have grown from 2 people when I first met them 18 months ago to 7 and still recruiting. Quite impressive and have amongst their clients Dragon’s Den James Caan and The Football Association’s League’s Hall of Fame.

Without wanting to replace anyone, my lists now go up to 11.

Are graduates ready for agency life?

The Drum magazine posed that question – graduates ready for agency life? – in their latest Vox Pop feature and I found myself agreeing with the majority of what was said although the opinions diverged.

Three opinions gave a resounding “No!”

At first I was firmly in the students are greener than a David Bellamy compost heap camp.

However Adam Fothergill of creative agency Love stated (I leave out some adjectives as I got feed up (unlike the graduate traits he notes)):

“Enthusiastic, ambitious, naive, talented, skillful, hungover, interested, interesting, passionate, innovative, pioneering, capable, trained, involved, fascinated, bright, motivated, motivating, exciting, excited, eager, animated, clever, determined, raw, youthful. Willing to get up early, make tea, coffee, or other hot drinks, and laugh at some w**ker’s jokes just to keep them happy. Perfectly prepared for agency life.”


I was under the impression today’s graduates are more career orientated than my generation; more clued up because of the competition and have taken aboard the need for experience.

I suppose it is all a question of the individual. At 22 all I wanted was to travel the world and have a gilded existence. Still do, but more realistic now.

I must admit I would go for the skills and experience, but there is a lot to be said for enthusiasm.