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Blogging is the poor man’s lawyer

Crain’s Business Manchester ran quite a special story this week on blogmail.

The story focussed on disatisfied customers of property Dylan Harvey recovering their money with blog mail.  The pressure exerted by leaving comments on influential property sites that it uses to gain investors that told of their trouble with Dylan Harvey proved enough.  The  unhappy customers were able to recover their money without resorting to legal means, hence the title.  The link above will give both sides’ views.

The special thing is not so much the power of PR, using blogs to influence but where the story was placed: front page of Crain’s.

How often does that happen now?

Blogging on decline: not sure about that

Paul Mason, Newsnight’s business and industry correspondent recently told Journalism.co.uk:
“Personally, I think blogging is so over now.”

Mason believes times are moving on and that official blogs “have taken the fun out of it.”

Of course the fad for blogging seemed to be at a peak last year and the number of people thinking they have something to say and then deciding they have not or more likely they cannot be bothered has seen interest wane – anecdotal evidence as my source. (Of course this must mean I have something to say, can be bothered or have nothing else to do).

I think there might have been a correction in the blogosphere. The media interest got other things to talk about. But blogging is not as tired as the cliche that the £death of blogging has been greatly exaggerated” to paraphrase the Mark Twain witticism.

I have come across 3 new blogs in the last week that their owners are very enthusiastic to build up:

Rob Nugent – Rob helps run Anthony K vehicle Leasing. I have known Rob for a while and he never mentioned blogging until I got an e-mail asking me to take a look at his new blog. I think he sees potential.

Simpson Burgess Nash – famous accountants. SBN is completely new to blogging and they have taken to it with aplomb. Mark Simpson, who does a lot to support the arts in Manchester, is proving he can write almost as well as account.

Manchester Parking – a new to be unveiled blog I have heard whispers about talking about all things Manchester. Been done yes you might say that but how well?

With the first 2, which are business blogs, they stand out in their profession simply because their competitors generally do not blog. If they do it well they push through their advantage.

How can a communications channel become worn and jaded if it still offers that potential?


Blogging ROI – is it just about monetary return?

blogging ROI
Blogging ROI – financial return is one of many measures that should be analysed.

Blogging ROI – what constitutes success?

I saw an interesting article on Drew B’s take on tech PR about measuring the return on a business blog. Unfortunately, the premise of analysing a return on investment made me a bit queasy.

Yes, business investment should try to be measured, but the Forrester article that Drew quoted and linked to missed the point for me.

It’s all about communication!

It’s about establishing relationships and reputation – being recognised as a leader or a least a voice in your industry or field.

What price reputation? What price building strong relationships?

Yes a lead would be great, but it’s far from the only consideration.

Forrester kindly let’s us see a model of how to measure the metrics. I have my Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma and post grad marketing qualifications. These models are only a guide and nothing more.

Sometimes the best in any profession do not practice and work hard because they want to win a championship or be rich. They work hard because they enjoy it and it gives them pleasure; the riches and rewards are a bonus.

Yes, for B2B blogs and other sectors bottom line is important and why not?  Yet, a blogging ROI must include a number of metrics.

Surely the best blogs are driven by that rather than one dimensional financial or marketing calculation.