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Learn Spanish in Manchester from the professionals – sign up now

learn Spanish in Manchester
Is there any better place to learn Spanish in Manchester than the Instituto Cervantes?

A recent post focussed on languages in PR and how much a PR professional can get out of learning Spanish or German or another tongue for his or her PR career.

It is a point that has featured before as one of the key skills for PR professionals looking to gain a competitive advantage in their careers.

With that in mind I wanted to recommend that those that are interested to learn Spanish in Manchester should consider the Instituto Cervantes.

Instituto Cervantes
Instituto Cervantes Manchester

Fantastic teachers, plenty of cultural activities, an impressive building with concert hall that has Spanish dance classes, library (although my picture does it no justice) and opportunities to mix with Spanish speakers wanting to swap skills: intercambio (conversation swaps).

If you did not enjoy languages at school you will find this a completely different experience, fun, friendly and adult in approach. (If you don’t do your homework then that is your issue).

Classes are from beginners to literature, film and current issues programmes for the more advanced.

All teachers are native speakers from Spain and Latin America and classes tend to avoid English so you learn quicker.

Costs are reasonable.

The reason besides follwing up on earlier posts and wanting to help out the Cervantes is that the more support it receives the more likely it will be here for many years to come.

It is popular.  However, we often don’t appreciate resources until they go and although there is no sign of this with the Instituto Cervantes, I would want those interested to learn Spanish in Manchester and surrounds to use this fantastic organisation and appreciate it now.

New Spanish classes start next week May 14th for all levels and there often new courses starting every month or two, so why not get down to the Insituto Cervantes?

Hasta luego,