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Clever use of alternative media for marketing – cost effective guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla PR and marketing

This is a nice piece of guerrilla marketing thinking: simple, eye catching, a reasonably sized audience and it is a targeted audience as many car park users will shop at Kendals with its extensive make-up department on the first floor.

If you excuse the limits of iPhone images you can see an entrance to a car park in Manchester that Boodles has commandeered.  By applying a little paint to resemble eyelashes you have an innovative piece of guerrilla advertising and it must surely be at a low cost.

Whichever agency came up with this simple but clever idea please leave a comment to get the credit you deserve.

For those that enjoy looking at innovative advertising try Mario Pricken’s Creative Advertising.  The section on using alternative media for advertising will entertain and inform as does many other themes covered in the book.

Guerrilla advertising – creativity on a budget

Guerrilla PR & marketing, perhaps creativity on a budget, are buzz words that can get overused and sometimes abused.

But the following, sent to me by a friend who is an IFA, might raise a chuckle but are cost effective ways of creating a little buzz and recall for products.

All are on carrier bags and surely the budget is light, but with some wit they can become talking points.  Who would not want to show off with these (providing a little risque is not an issue in some examples)?

What do you think?

creativity on a budget
I should also mention humour on a budget as well as creavity on a budget


Simple creavity on a budget

Clever and creative and surely not too expensive
A little bit of wit goes a long way
creativity on a budget for guerilla PR
You don’t have to be VW to employ creativity on a budget, but it can’t do any harm for them


guerilla advertising and creativity on a budget

creativity on a budget
Simple effective memorable and cheap to do

A clever piece of guerrilla marketing

Games company Electronic Arts used a fantastic promotional stunt to help launch its new game Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.

The game has petrol as a currency and using that theme it offered £20,000 worth of free petrol (£40 for each motorist) at a petrol station in North London.

Complaints flew as the queue caused inconvenience and possibly some extra hazard in road conditions.  The promotion was called a halt to by police when £12,000 worth of petrol had been distributed.

The protest from local residents, the wildfire nature of eager motorists learning about the offer, the theatrics of the petrol stations being decked in miltia outfits and the recent debate on fuel costs all helped attract media attention – certainly more than the £20,000 plus it took to stage the event.

Coverage hit the BBC, nationals and even got as far as Canada.

I imagine when the analysis of the event is complete the initial expenditure will make the whole project seem like a steal.  It all gives me an idea….

Banksy: guerrilla graffiti practitioner


You might have heard or seen the work of Banksy, the satirical and very sharp Bristol graffiti icon.  It is worth having a look at more of Banksy’s creative work.

As I was flicking through the above link I came across this image.  So my idea discussed below is sort of original, a dog and a cow are not exactly the same and anyway dogs hit a better demographic and are more mobile.

NW Business Insider and dog advertising


NW Business Insider had a wonderful piece on the dog advertising concept in their current feature on guerrilla marketing.

I originally came up with this concept after selling in the story of a certain dog called Dante in to the South Manchester Reporter. The story of the curry loving pooch spread to the Metro, Manchester Evening News and even The Guardian.

It seemed obvious that there was original and possibly effective advertising mileage to be had and so I teamed up with Mick Greer and Phil Howells, well- seasoned advertising pros.

The lucky recipient was a family lawyers called Greens & Co.

It is some fun but also when there is so much competition to grab our attention it is a little different and attention grabbing.

A quick note: Has no-one done it before? I don’t know. Churchill said an original idea is just a good one everyone has forgotten.


Using Images for SEO and online search marketing by delivering it through PR should be a key consideration for public relations professionals and their tactics.

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