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Clever use of alternative media for marketing – cost effective guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla PR and marketing

This is a nice piece of guerrilla marketing thinking: simple, eye catching, a reasonably sized audience and it is a targeted audience as many car park users will shop at Kendals with its extensive make-up department on the first floor.

If you excuse the limits of iPhone images you can see an entrance to a car park in Manchester that Boodles has commandeered.  By applying a little paint to resemble eyelashes you have an innovative piece of guerrilla advertising and it must surely be at a low cost.

Whichever agency came up with this simple but clever idea please leave a comment to get the credit you deserve.

For those that enjoy looking at innovative advertising try Mario Pricken’s Creative Advertising.  The section on using alternative media for advertising will entertain and inform as does many other themes covered in the book.

Guerrilla advertising – creativity on a budget

Guerrilla PR & marketing, perhaps creativity on a budget, are buzz words that can get overused and sometimes abused.

But the following, sent to me by a friend who is an IFA, might raise a chuckle but are cost effective ways of creating a little buzz and recall for products.

All are on carrier bags and surely the budget is light, but with some wit they can become talking points.  Who would not want to show off with these (providing a little risque is not an issue in some examples)?

What do you think?

creativity on a budget
I should also mention humour on a budget as well as creavity on a budget


Simple creavity on a budget

Clever and creative and surely not too expensive
A little bit of wit goes a long way
creativity on a budget for guerilla PR
You don’t have to be VW to employ creativity on a budget, but it can’t do any harm for them


guerilla advertising and creativity on a budget

creativity on a budget
Simple effective memorable and cheap to do

Who’s parked their tank on my lawn? A brilliant PR stunt and it is for the smaller budget

brilliant PR stunt
What a brilliant PR stunt, showing how creativity can triumph over budget

What a brilliant PR stunt.

A pub, probably with few stories to tell, suddenly has a “discarded” tank in its car park and some handy coverage in the local paper.  No-one knows whose tank it is, why it was left there; it is a good talking point: get a pint, have your photo on the tank – some useful revenue.

Actually there is only one “enthusiast” that has tanks in the area.  It is not a big mystery Poirot.  And you hardly forget where you park your tank; I have a silver Honda and in a big car park it can be hard to see, not so with camouflaged military hardware.

I just think this is quite a good example of how to create a story from nothing – a little bit of creativity, perhaps nothing special, but perhaps a lesson for us PR professionals.

Consortium of Pub going, Loose and Forward Women

In the Indian city of Mangalore women drinking in bars were attacked by men from a conservative and fringe political group called  Ram Sena, which believes women should not engage in such activities.

While different cultures have different views and I cannot say if it is accepted practice for women to drink in bars, nevertheless the attacks were certainly uncalled for.

The  assaults are being condemned in many quarters, especially as some women were kicked on the floor by assailants numbering 30 or more.

The reaction and protest against such behaviour has led to a Facebook campaign called the Consortium of Pub-going, Loose and Forward Women, which now has 5,000 supporters.

A pink underwear “direct mail” campaign to the offices of the right wing group is being planned and women have been urged to go to the bars in their local towns on Valentine’s Day and enjoy a drink.

Brilliant PR and marketing that will generate debate, support and shame the assailants.