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“I would like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn”

i would like to add you to my professional network on linkedin
“I would like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” Well be creative and personalise your invitation!

“I would like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.”

It is a bland unimaginative invitation, lacking any effort or thought, and for me  it is becoming the most unwelcome calling card in the social media world.

We all like to be liked, and in business we like to be generally viewed as being well-connected, and what better way of doing that than having vast numbers of connections on LinkedIn?

Yet, LinkedIn is surely about relationships, not just numbers.

The real strength of LinkedIn is that you can ask your connections’ connections for introductions – an immensely powerful tool for generating new business or sourcing suppliers or associates.

Yes you can use LinkedIn to broadcast news, but there is also Twitter and e-mails and newsletters and direct marketing and press releases and websites and blogs – better options than collecting names on LinkedIn to target.

The discussions, if you have time, can be useful – I have given referrals and gained pitching opportunities through such groups.  I am not saying LinkedIn is not multi-purpose, but to link up without any connection misses the point.

So if someone is allowed to enter into your LinkedIn realm, would you be happy to make an introduction or ask for one from somone you don’t know, like and trust, with perhaps, a valuable and highly regarded contact or friend?

Yet I continue to get the standard,  “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn” from people I have never met, who have sometimes the most passing things in common.

One contact – who somehow connected with me – even asked for a testimonial even though I had never done business with him nor indeed recall meeting him!

You might like to add me to your professional network, but at least tell me why.  If you can’t I am happy for you to follow me on Twitter no questions asked.

Networking guru Will Kintish expounds the benefits of LinkedIn

benefits of LinkedIn

I have worked with Will Kintish for two and a half years now, promoting his networking wisdom in publications ranging from The Manchester Evening News to Legal Week to The Scotsman.

Will’s enthusiasm for his subject as well as his skill in delivering talks has resulted in a client list that includes HSBC, Deloittes, KPMG and The Bank of England.

Will is known for presenting on those key fundamental face-to-face skills that are essential to business success although increasingly his time is being used to train professionals on how to get more out of LinkedIn.

I interviewed Will recently to talk about the benefits of LinkedIn and how to use it better-  click here to listen.

Another look at LinkedIn

I must confess I have neglected to do much with my LinkedIn profile.

I signed up and then essentially accepted invitations to be on my network.  I mean how much time is there to spend on it?

I had been looking to update and smarten my profile for passing traffic (contacts that had time to look), just to look professional.  Perhaps I was starting to awaken to its potential.  Well on Friday I got a little shove to do a lot more when I attended the first seminar on LinkedIn by networking authority and trainer Will Kintish.

Will has been showing thousands of professionals how to network face to face.  But like me he initially had his doubts about LinkedIn, can social media really give you the same contact and interaction as meeting someone in person?

Will realised that you do not have to compare like with like.  You can use LinkedIn as a highly targeted networking and lead generation tool in its own right, as well as a place to advertise your services and substance.

Will made key points about LinkedIn showing off the power of testimonials, its ability to reach hard to contact professionals (who possibly do not network so much offline) and the huge numbers of contacts you would want to make – far more than you could possibly achieve, the potential being so great.

What I think I came away with is that LinkedIn is easy to use, has good functionality and tremendous business development potential.  You could find much, possibly all your business, through LinkedIn if you really wanted.  It takes enthusiasm and time, but it can pay off big style.

I think I took away the view that it is time to take another look at LinkedIn and what it can do – a testament to Will’s enthusiasm and training.

More information on Will’s LinkedIn course.