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Looking for more contacts and business? Manchester business networking at its best

Those that already network will know it is among the most powerful ways of finding new contacts and business.

So I will not have to sell the concept here to seasoned networkers, only the group.  If you have never networked, why not give it a try?

Well, we are looking for professionals that want Manchester business networking at its best for our group Manchester Business Breakfast Club.

We are having an open day on Friday1st July  at 7am at our rather nice venue Manchester Tennis & Racquets Club Blackfriars Road Salford M3 7AQ.

Before those that are not early risers turn off I will outline why our group is worth considering.

Firstly we have over 30 members, many of whom are very well connected.  We are welcoming and generous in helping other members; we do not operate in cliques or expect you to be a member for months before business is referred.

The atmosphere of the group is light hearted, fun and irreverent although it aims to generate new business.

As an added bonus we have no membership fees, just a small charge for breakfast.  Any profits the group makes goes back into social gatherings.

MBBC allows only one member from any profession.  So we have only one printer for instance.

However, within a profession there can be a number of disciplines where there is little or no conflict of interest.

So we have a lawyer, Zatmans, and also a family lawyer from Howards Solicitors, as Zatmans does not offer that service.  We also have a Wills writer and a probate genealogist – professions that can work alongside or with legal practices.  In the past we have had outsourced HR and commercial litigation agents (similar to private investigators) as members.

So who are we looking for?

Generous individuals who are happy to give referrals, possibly offer advice and might use other members’ services, if they feel confident and trust the recipient.  It is about know, like and trust.  In return, new members can expect to receive the same help.

Despite many professions being accounted for we still have the following openings:

  • Architect
  • Art dealers & auctioners
  • Burglar alarms/ security systems
  • Business travel/ travel Agent
  • Care leasing & contract hire
  • Commercial gas & electric
  • Courier services
  • Debt management
  • Hotel
  • Interior design
  • Document storage/ management
  • Engineering and manufacturing
  • Estate agents/ letting agents
  • Executive car hire
  • Exhibition companies
  • Florist
  • Franchise consultants
  • Hotels/ venues
  • HR Consultants
  • Recruitment
  • Recycling
  • Restaurant
  • Secretarial/ Virtual PA
  • Sports club – we have had Wigan FC as members in the past and Manchester United came as visitors
  • Surveyor
  • Telemarketing
  • Training Services
  • Wholesalers
  • Wine merchants

If you don’t see your profession and are interested in joining please ask, as it might be free.

If you are in the following professions please contact Graham Heap on 07725 993 400 ggheap@yahoo.co.uk

If you come you will be welcomed and will be allowed to come for free for two visits, including a hearty breakfast, before deciding if it is for you.  So why not try and find out if we can help grow your business?

Blog talk at Manchester Business Breakfast Club

Artisan will be giving a talk about blogging at Manchester Business Breakfast Club this Friday.

It’s just an introduction so businesses can understand what blogging is all about and judge if it will be of help to their enterprises.

Manchester Business Breakfast Club is all about networking, members helping members to grow their businesses through referrals, advice and sometimes direct supplier relationships.

The club has 35-40 members and about 25 attend at any one meeting.  The club is always looking for new members, including:


Recruitment professionals

Arts venues




Leisure (although we have a football club, none other than Wigan)

If you are interested in coming along please leave a message or e-mail.

Manchester Business Breakfast Club presentation on social media

This Friday, 22nd May, I will be speaking at Manchester Business Breakfast Club about social media.

The talk with focus on LinkedIn and in particular blogging and Twitter.

I am writing this entry to show how a blog can make a quick impact.  Hopefully it will come up just below MBBC on the search engine rankings by the time of the presentation..

I might also be twittering from the talk so please lend your support and reply to any tweets, but it will be early around 8am.

Thanks to Mick Greer of I Feel Fruity and Graham Heap of Internet Trademark Investigations and Aquacut for the opportunity (let’s see if these come up as well).