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Lunch with Kevin Feddy – business editor of the Manchester Evening News

Kevin Feddy
Kevin Feddy: Eveyone can have a voice in the media

This lunch I was lucky enough to be invited by Manchester Science Park to hear Kevin Feddy.

Here is a synopsis of what Kevin, who runs the MEN business desk, had to say:

“It is all about (the business pages) people, innovation and ideas….how ideas relate to the public at large.  It is much more than figures, it is about people, dreams and aspirations.”

SMEs are of interest as much as the blue chips.  In fact there is a lot of room for stories about smaller concerns.

Kevin is especially interested in hearing from businesses that he feels will emerge from this recession in a very healthy state:

  • Internationally trading companies / exporters
  • Green technology
  • Innovation – companies that will shape the way we live
  • Technology – but make sure the layman can relate to it.  The MEN business readership is general and professional in nature and stories must be understood by all.

The key point is that business titles such as the Manchester Evening News want to hear from all types of business, of all sizes that have something to say.  As a PR I ask potential clients, “What can we say, what do you want to say?”

Everyone can have a voice, offline and online, providing their company, service or product, is of interest.

Manchester Evening News to be sold off? A few thoughts

Crain’s Manchester Business has reported that Guardian Media Group has been in talks with Trinity Mirror about acquiring the Manchester Evening News.

A potential £40 million sale, including other sister papers and Channel M is reportedly at an early stage.

This could be good news for the MEN.

When I attended a protest meeting about the loss of 80 journalists in March at GMG I was surprised at what was said.

I had believed that it was the recession and the Internet that had created a perfect storm for newspapers.  I would show my support, but nothing could be done.  How wrong I was about the views and sentiment of the meeting.

The MEN had always made money and quite a lot of it.  Its sister papers had done the same and it was only now that the recession had meant margins were low.  The speakers were angry that the Guardian Media Group in their opinion used local papers to prop up the flagship publication.

When I told associates they were surprised.  I was surprised, initially.  But this sale is not quite the surprise it could be.

If Trinity Mirror, which runs the Liverpool Daily Post and Echo, wants the MEN let it buy it.  I do not know much about Trinity Mirror, how it conducts itself so I am going out on a limb.  But if the journalists at that meeting are right then surely it is a reasonable, even highly positive solution for everyone including the readers.


The breaking news –9th February 2010 – is that the sale of the Manchester Evening News and 22 of its sister papers to the Trinity Mirror.

Perhaps the change of ownership will contribute investment, ideas and re-vitalise the brand.  I hope this signals a re-invetment in local media – it has a place alongside social media, we benefit from a strong established traditional media scene, whatever the social media evangelists say, and I count myself as one

More cuts at MEN Media

MEN Media Ltd is cutting 150 jobs, including 40 out of 90 at the Manchester Evening News according to reports in Crain’s.

I am in shock, I very much mean it.  Not because advertising revenues are down although the last tax returns showed a healthy profit.

I have to say I thought after two major rounds of job cuts over the past two years there would be little give.  How can you maintain standards with such drastic cuts?

Where do you go from here if you find yourself looking for a new journalist’s position?

Has it reached its tipping point between seeing itself as a paper based medium with digital, and digital based medium giving out free newspapers to keep advertising revenues?

Comments welcome.