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Manchester PR professionals lead the way for fairtrade practices

PR agencies are leading the crusade against the exploitation of Manchester PR professionals with the adoption of fair trade policies towards public relation employees.

This much downtrodden profession had seen PR executives working unimaginable hours in pursuit of media coverage.

The new campaign will guarantee that Manchester PR professionals at least will not be cooped all day without seeing daylight or being able to tweet or waste precious time on Facebook.

The initiative, which will start on the 1st April, will see press releases stamped with a Fairtrade logo to reassure journalists and all Manchester PR websites will also display the badge.

Whether the fair trade scheme extends to Manchester marketing agencies remains to be seen.

April Fool!

Well it could have been better, but still good link bait.

Did anyone try Google Nose?




Manchester PR stunt catches the eye for its creativity

Manchester PR stunt

I like this new outdoor PR stunt in Manchester city centre.

Perhaps interactive outdoor art attraction should follow that description.

However you want to describe it, the agency working on behalf of  Action for Children and its sponsors has come up with something that works on a number of levels.  It should certainly raise the profile and funds of the charity.

Manchester PR stunt

The eggs, with designs by well-known and accomplished artists, are being auctioned.  There is a daily egg hunting competition to draw people back into the campaign.

But it is as a visual campaign that it really works, especially the oversized Lindt chocolate rabbits (additional sponsorship) against a backdrop of Exchange Square.

Manchester PR stunt

Certainly brightening Manchester city centre with street art will gain a lot of goodwill for Action for Children (although it is quite understated in the display.  Perhaps it is clever marketing).



Creative content is part of link generation, not a chore

creative content to drive link generation
Creative content not content for the sake of trying to get links is the most important thing

Bill Shankly, a Liverpool football legend,  once said: “If you are first you are first. If you are second you are nothing.”

The same could be applied to your Google ranking.  Come top and you will reap the benefits, come anywhere else and you might as well not have bothered.

So in the scramble to reach the top you have to spend time and money and have a little skill.  And to do that you need to generate content and links.

But will any content or links do?

Well, I was looking at what Manchester PR professionals were doing to reach the top in search rankings and I came across a free article site that provided links.

And there it was the most dreary piece of copy about the Manchester PR scene you could wish not to have read.

I don’t think it mentioned one PR agency in the city.  Alright you might not want to give your rivals a hand but the content offered nothing, and it would have been a little link bait perhaps.

The rationale for the copy was obvious:  it had two links at the end using Manchester PR and PR Manchester for anchor text.

The links were there, so who cares about the copy?

Well there has been a lot of talk about search in the Post Penguin world and this article provides a good overview as well as admitting that no-one knows how Penguin has exactly affected search rankings.

I can’t say the exact value of the above mentioned links.  But I can say that, Penguin changes or not, engaging, interesting content has a value – it is not a chore getting in the way of building profile.

There are so many quality sites to drive links from that a better focused strategy is surely the way forward, despite the effort of a little thought and originality.

The benefits of a PR freelancer

benefits of a PR freelancer

In a recent blog entry on the Manchester PR scene I commented that there was more choice for prospective clients than ever before – a fact noticed by another Manchester PR agency blog.

A quick Google search will reveal many PR micro agencies and freelancers in Manchester and the North West – would this have been the case in a similar search 5 or 10 years ago?  Probably not to anywhere like the same extent.

It is a pattern that I am sure is being replicated across the UK and perhaps in other countries.

Some companies are open to considering smaller agencies, but I suspect many companies new to PR go to larger agencies as they only know a couple of names in the industry.

It is about fit in terms of of skills, experience, motivation, personality when selecting a PR supplier.   And of course a blue chip concern would be better paired up with a bigger agency for a range of reasons that I will not go into right now.

But if an SME considers a PR freelancer or micro agency, what can they offer?  Here area few points to note:

  • Many PR freelancers and micro agencies can offer specialised knowledge picked up from agency or in-house experience
  • Following on, there are PR freelancers that are experts in their fields and can offer a comprehensive service – I work with a financial PR whose knowledge would put many PRs to shame – it is a body of knowledge that has and is being used by banks and venture capitalists.
  • Highly personalised service – you get who you pay for and not an account exec rather than the director who pitched and signed the contract with you
  • Increased importance- if a big agency loses an account it might loose an employee (it might not though) but for smaller agencies each client is more of the income pie and so the loss will be felt more acutely.  Hence many smaller PR agencies deliver.

Now there are good and bad in all professions, I hear horror stories about bigger agencies and I am sure that extends to smaller and micro agencies.  (There are plenty of success stories from all types of agencies, it is far from being all bad news!)  Some PR suppliers will be a great fit for one company and others will not.  So it is best to select a PR agency/ PR freelancer on a range of criteria and an open mind, and that includes PR freelancers, smaller and larger PR companies.

PR Case Study on Accountancy that shows a substantial Return on Investment

This PR case study on accountancy focuses on work with Simpson Burgess Nash on its launch that led into more communications.

Artisan was initially specifically instructed in getting an article in a magazine for medical professionals, Hospital Doctor, that resulted in a new client for the practice from content placed.  (Another two pieces was placed during subsequent work).

Following on from this success – the MBO launch featured prominently in the Manchester Evening News– and Artisan was hired to do some more work.

The work for Simpson Burgess Nash centred around issues such as tax relief for R&D and capital allowance changes that gained significant coverage – 12 magazines published articles (usually 300-600 words) for capital allowance changes alone.

Work resulted from a piece in one of the care homes magazines that published the capital allowance article – Mark Simpson, the practice’s tax specialist was at a social event when a long-standing contact mentioned he had read the piece, hadn’t realised Mark offered such expertise, and could he help with a new care home he was launching.

PR often combines well with networking.

Good timely PR coverage can significantly aid networking and bring to the attention of potential clients services that they often overlook.

(The following link is for another piece that resulted in a new client)


At times it was possible to be creative such as the tax implications of having a business in a virtual world such as Second Life, where transactions take place on property that only exists on the Internet.

This was used in four magazines, one of which is linked to here:


The amount of coverage is estimated from the first 10 days of work to have an advertising value of around £100,000 – a budget that was not available for marketing and PR.

“Rob is a master at getting your business into the media – TV, radio and print. His contacts book must be worth more than a penny black! He is diligent, full of creative ideas and has secured our firm tremendous publicity across a wide range of outlets.”

PR testimonial

Mark Simpson tax saving director at accountancy practice Simpson Burgess Nash


How much for the ManchesterPR.com domain?

I was just seeing what would come up for some keywords on Google and tried Manchester PR.

I was looking over the statistics this morning and there is no doubt the term is a much coveted, but how much would you pay for it?

The Manchesterpr.com domain is up for the taking to the highest bidder (until the 17th August) with a reserve of £5,000.

Is that reasonable value, a bargain perhaps?  Strange how it has come to the market after all this time.


With the Google changes, Panda and Penguin, and the belief you can no longer fool Google, I ma not sure how much the Manchesterpr.com domain would be worth.

It might have been bought for £5,000 a few years ago but not be worth so much now.



What Manchester PR Artisan offers

If you are joining us from clicking through from What’s New In Marketing, I will offer just a quick view of what Manchester PR Artisan offers.

First many thanks for reading the article.

I am interested in finding out what you think, so please leave a comment, even if you disagree.

We offer PR – getting companies into the media that their clients and potential market reads.

We are not an agency but a freelance operations meaning costs are lower. It also means that we are keen to get business through recommendation, so we will do a good job for you because it is our best way of advertising.

So no Ad Fab, spin doctors or fluff but PR for business benefits.

If you want to know please contact me on rob@artisanmc.co.uk