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Seven years of blogging about PR in Manchester and beyond – the best of 2006-2012

The Artisan blog was the first Manchester PR blog as far as I know.

Certainly I cannot think of another that is still going from 2006.

It has around 650 posts to date and covers a myriad of subjects, especially those relating to Manchester PR agencies, technology and of course PR itself.

It is better written now than it was when I started although I have picked out some of the best from 2006-2012.  (The most interesting 2112-2013 entries can be found here.

Let’s begin:

Sometimes I have found myself explaining or defending PR agencies such as with this thread.

Yes PR agencies can give poor service, but this is not indicative of the industry.  There are bad apples in every profession.

Sometimes I am doing the opposite such as this piece on a Manchester PR agency promoting payment by results.

Many posts are on the industry and the issues raised such as this post that highlights the weaknesses of citizenship journalism at a time when it was being lauded.

Tips pieces feature occasionally and these from myself How to pitch to bloggers and these from specialists are still very useful today: Judi Goodwin’s How to unleash your writing power! and Bill Doherty on negotiation tips.

Good PR case studies such as “Who parked their tank on my lawn?”  also feature occasionally. 

Some are sillier than others such as Dog advertising, which was this blog’s most popular page for ages, that was inspired by Puppy Doms (a Jamie Clouting favourite).

Some brilliant PR stories are global in reach such as this: “Keyboards dirtier than toilets.”  My Israeli cousin in Jerusalem picked up on this!

A few Artisan PR pieces were also featured in the blog such as this piece in The Guardian for a Manchester headhunter

Sometimes human interest stories including this one about Belsen featured.

I hope you have got something out the Artisan blog, feel free to leave comments and keep following.

Best PR blog stories celebrating seven years of entries (2012 – 2013)

In April it will be seven years since I started my Manchester based PR blog.

I have got say writing a PR blog improves your writing style and ability to produce content, but it does take time.  PR, marketing and SEO are all time consuming although I only look at the first two, and more inclined towards the public relations.

It also  helps to give a basis to advise clients on online PR and of course improve rankings.

Rather than pick out the best entries from well over 600 posts in one attempt, I thought I would pick out the best from the last 12 months and then possibly do a couple of blog posts to cover the first six years.  I probably don’t want to revisit the first few years, but let’s see.

There have been a lot of posts about PR and its relationship with marketing:

Is marketing merging with PR being one current issue?  Are PR professionals moving into marketing?

PR professionals should understand marketing even if they are not strictly marketers being a recent example of why PR professionals need to be able to using marketing planning structures.   The case for marketing planing to direct PR was also made in September.

One bugbear is marketing professionals thinking they can do PR because it is “easy” – some have found out it is a different skills set by hard experience.

Some pieces have been about PR professionals and their client relationships.  Often both parties (many creative professionals can have this applied to them as well) don’t always appreciate the other’s position.  One example is PR retainers, which can be beneficial to all although there is often resistance against them.  Another is the benefit of a PR freelancer.

While the issues tackled are often applicable to the PR industry, some are Manchester centric, including how Media City has benefitted Manchester PR agencies although it seems to be somewhat aloof of the city, which might change.

The North / South PR divide was addressed in July 2012.  Even though Manchester PR agencies can give London agencies more than a match in quality and certainly budget and ROI, many companies don’t look North, which is their loss.

PR techniques often come up and PR and the English language showed how George Orwell still can teach us a thing or three about writing copy.  Some have been from guest bloggers such as George Dearsley’s talking about crisis PR.

Social media also features for B2B clients such as this one about Pinterest.

A special thanks (although dread to think how much time I have spent on this) to Simon Wharton from search marketing agency PushON for insisting I start writing and helping me get set-up.