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Investment in good PR and marketing brings financial benefits – Robinson’s Brewey should handsomely reap the benefits of its new exhibit


I was at a Blues in Business (for the discerning Manchester City fan) last night when I with the other attendees was given a tour of the new Robinson’s exhibition centre.

You see the whole brewing process.  When fully complete it will take up an hour and half of visitors’ time to explore all the information presented.

It is an impressive effort, and shows off the history and expertise of Robinsons.  It also has a good restaurant and a bar, of course, to sample Robinson’s wares.

It reminds me a little bit of Melbourne, a data centre that was sold recently for a reported £7m.  It invested a considerable amount into making their offices stand out: yes, it had pool tables, but also a football pitch and a Alice In Wonderland type rooms / arrangements.  It was a real vehicle for PR and marketing.  £100,000 was reportedly invested but it must have paid off, what would be seen as a large investment for a firm of its size, in a very short time.

Yes, Robinsons is not the first brewery to have a tour of its facilities, but it has nevertheless recognised that investment will pay dividends with its various audiences.

It is a message PR professionals and marketers try to convey to those who have ambitions for their businesses.  It is a  lesson that needs to be repeated.